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Cyprus Documentary Festival

Golden Orange Film Festival


SIRALA: İzlenme Sayısı Eklenme Tarihi Yıldız Sayısı

  Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta 2013 Adventuress
  ADVENTURESS, the magnificant William Fife Schooner won (among others) the most prestigious prize of ‘Concours D’Elegance Prize’ in 2013, in Antigua. This documentary is dedicated to Kenny Coombs, the late Captain of the Adventuress and the founder of the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta .
  843 kez izlendi 3499 gün önce

  Bring Colour in your Work/Geef Kleur aan je Werk, Commissie PAVEM
  786 kez izlendi 3918 gün önce

  Living in Between in INDIA
  Rapid urbanization and the changing lives of people in the rural area Orissa.
  725 kez izlendi 3912 gün önce

  The Hanging Gardens of SANTA EMILIA
  Construction of a completely sustainable settlement on the Coffee Farm Santa Emilia in Matagalpa, initiated by State Street Coffee Nicaragua S.A.
  1293 kez izlendi 3912 gün önce

  A New Development Strategy
  Private Enterprise and the local NGO's work hand in hand in Santa Emilia to improve the livingconditions of people on the countryside
  738 kez izlendi 3912 gün önce

  De Langste Gracht 400 meter Children's Drawings
  Channels of Amsterdam exist for 400 years. ‘De Langste Gracht’ (the longest Amsterdam Channel) is a drawing of 400 meters long, created by more than 1500 children, presented at the courtyard of Amsterdam Museum (2014).
  830 kez izlendi 3499 gün önce

  Santa Claus visiting Fincas
  Santa Claus surprises everybody, but especially the childeren in Matagalpa, Nicaragua
  768 kez izlendi 3918 gün önce

  La Ruta del Cafe/Summer camp
  A summer camp in Santa Emilia Coffee Farm for chlideren with activities like music, theater and sport.
  786 kez izlendi 3912 gün önce

  The Colour of the Night
  The creation of a painting by Muzaffer Akyol
  700 kez izlendi 3912 gün önce

  La Ruta del Cafe/School Campinas
  A special project to support the childeren for higher education on the countryside, Nicaragua.
  756 kez izlendi 3912 gün önce


İstanbul Film Festival

Beyoğlu Cinema

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