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Cyprus Documentary Festival

Golden Orange Film Festival


SIRALA: İzlenme Sayısı Eklenme Tarihi Yıldız Sayısı

  De Langste Gracht 400 meter Children's Drawings
  Channels of Amsterdam exist for 400 years. ‘De Langste Gracht’ (the longest Amsterdam Channel) is a drawing of 400 meters long, created by more than 1500 children, presented at the courtyard of Amsterdam Museum (2014).
  393 kez izlendi 1583 gün önce

  Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta 2013 Adventuress
  ADVENTURESS, the magnificant William Fife Schooner won (among others) the most prestigious prize of ‘Concours D’Elegance Prize’ in 2013, in Antigua. This documentary is dedicated to Kenny Coombs, the late Captain of the Adventuress and the founder of the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta .
  378 kez izlendi 1583 gün önce

  The Launching of THE ADVENTURESS
  Description Adventuress, built in 1924, a Fife III gaff cutter, was restored by the Rockport Marine Maine and won the Prize of Classic Boat Award 2013
  652 kez izlendi 1996 gün önce

  Q50 Race - Oaxaca, Mexico.
  Ultra Marathon of long distance (80km)in Oaxaca, Mexico, organized by Q50 Races in 2013
  487 kez izlendi 1996 gün önce

  Trail run/Fontainebleau State Park , Mandeville,LA. organized by Q50 Races in 2013
  577 kez izlendi 1996 gün önce

  The Hanging Gardens of SANTA EMILIA
  Construction of a completely sustainable settlement on the Coffee Farm Santa Emilia in Matagalpa, initiated by State Street Coffee Nicaragua S.A.
  770 kez izlendi 1996 gün önce

  BURHAN UYGUR Passion of an artist
  Film code : 2 Producer : Parallel Film Description Life of Burhan Uygur, one of the most prominent painter of the modern Turkish painting in the 20 th century.
  1017 kez izlendi 1996 gün önce

  My Broken Town
  Life after the enormous Marmara Earthquake in Turkey in 1999. The struggel of the survivors to bring life back in their Broken Towns.
  633 kez izlendi 1996 gün önce

  In the Shadow of the Quake
  What happened to those Broken Towns after ten years ?
  598 kez izlendi 1996 gün önce

  Introduction of 'Search and Rescue' activities of GESOTİM.
  527 kez izlendi 1996 gün önce


İstanbul Film Festival

Beyoğlu Cinema

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